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Forest Sound Walk - A restoring, inspiring nature walk
Von 500,00 € / 3 h
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We walk through the woods. Slowly. Humming and breathing. Listening how the nature responds. Opening our senses. Enjoying the colors and scents forest sends to us. Letting the nature and sounds affect, restore and rejuvenite us.

Welcome to experience the culture of nature and music through your own experience! Forest Sound Walk leads you to relax through slow pace, gentle movements, breathing and humming. It opens your senses through listening and feeling and restores the connection to nature.

During the walk we stop every now and then for simple invitations; The three main principles of Nature Singing - in Finnish Luontolaulu - are called Tuning (Tuning in to the scents, sounds, textures, tastes and sights of the nature through sensing, breathing, feeling and touching), Humming (Caressing the body and the mind through simple hums and melodies) and Calling (Enhancing the inner strength with voice, sounds and natural accoustics of the forest).

Be prepared to get refreshed, re-energized and inspired!

"I felt relaxed afterwards"

"It felt like the nature moved me deeper than during a normal hike, you somehow went into it."

"A lovely experience"


Max 12 participants, bigger groups, ask for a quote!

1,5hrs / 3hrs